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Dancing with the stars
I’m an animal
Baby I’m a dog
You and I chords Supa Bwe – Dogs Lyrics lyrics are dogs
Let’s compare our scars
Show me all of yours
I know what we are
You and I are dogs

[Verse 1]
You are not alone
You and I are lost
Worry bout’ the cold
Like some animals
You and I tell lies
You and I are lost
Wondering who we are
You and I are dogs
Fall in cord kord chord Supa Bwe – Dogs Lyrics kunci gitar holes, holes we dug
Need no water
Hot sunbeams, down the hole
Hole I dug
Fuck my life
My life’s fucked
I know love, I know lust, I know

[Bridge 2x]
I know hurt
She knows hurt
Where you going?
What’s your hurry?
Where you running?
Where you going?

[Verse 2]
I am a moon
Watching and waiting
Waiting to touch
I am a moon
Floating above
Watching and loving you
I am a dog
Ready lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Supa Bwe – Dogs Lyrics download mp3 to rush
I am a fool, I’m a buffoon
Ready to touch

[Outro 4x]
I am a fool, waiting on you
Waiting for love