[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar T.I – My Potna Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1: chords T.I – My Potna Lyrics lyrics T.I.]
You got a problem, you can get it how you live, pussy nigga 1
I ain’t flexin’, it just is what it is, pussy nigga 2
Get thrown, get shot, get killed, pussy nigga 3
So what? You got all that money but you still a pussy nigga 4
You ain’t bout that life, you just be actin hard, pussy nigga 5
Every day I’m sucka duckin, trynna dodge pussy niggas 6
All we did was slang crack and get paid, pussy nigga 7
Been the man ever since first grade, pussy nigga 8
Don’t believe me? See me, try me, see what happen, pussy nigga 9
You be dissin’,I be laughin’ cause you just rappin’, pussy nigga 10
No matter what, you’ll never be me, pussy nigga
And see me, no matter what, I’ll never be a pussy nigga 11

[Hook: T.I.]
I play a lot of games, but I ain’t playin’, I ain’t playin’ 12
They say a lot of things, but they ain’t doin’ what they sayin’ 13
Don’t get it fucked up, them niggas scared cord kord chord T.I – My Potna Lyrics kunci gitar not me 14
Hold up, let me tell these motherfuckers something ’bout me 15

[Verse 2: T.I.]
Hey when they walk up on me ‘Man, what it is, my potna?’ 16
I say nuthin’ but Bankhead and Center Hill, my potna 17
Didn’t believe us when we said ‘They tried to kill my potna.’ 18
That’s why he doin’ life, but he still my potna 19
Better get it back to section, you ain’t one of my potnas 20
Get on your ass for touchin’, that ain’t one of my potnas
Ask Snoop, I’m the truth, like Trae, my potna 21
C-Dub, KT, yes they my potnas yo 22
Young Dro, Mac Boney, Big Kuntry, my potnas 23
They could talk but they know better than to fuck with my potnas 24
As a young’n OG told me ‘Do your thang, my potna!’
That’s why now I’m on everything and Hustle Gang, my potna 25


[Verse 3: T.I.]
These niggas talk tough, but they know they don’t want it 26
You see me racked up, it’s kinda fucked what you told me 27
Don’t be a fool now, boy I’ll leave you where you lay 28
And I got shooters, ain’t no [?], lirik terjemahan arti indonesia T.I – My Potna Lyrics download mp3 just what they do every day 29
Back in the day my record wasn’t gettin’ played
I was trappin’, ridin’ dirty, gettin’ paid 30
What? Cut the 5 keys in the back
Hey let me tell you niggas something bout that 31
My cousin Toot was the man, he got his work ’round the base
And how much money he made, nobody know ’til this day 32
My uncle quit, had the city sold up
He did 10k and back I blowed up 33
Ey Every man that’s statin’ ’bout me
At 16 all I wanted was a key
A bank roll, an apartment full of hoes 34
Hey let me tell you something ’bout me ‘case you didn’t know 35